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Vera Simonsson and Oscar Westman are Scandinavian friends and colleagues. Since 2002, they have worked on expeditions for many companies in different parts of the world. They wanted to shape their own adventures, so they decided to form Vega Expeditions in 2010.

Vera is a trained guide, ski expert, sea captain and avid explorer, while Oscar has many years of experience in yachting and running small ship expeditions. In 2020, they teamed up with renowned Belgian nature photographer and expedition leader Yves Adams. The perfect basis for one of the finest Arctic travel agencies in the business.

“We agree 100% on what it means to create the ultimate Arctic experience”, Oscar says. “It’s all about knowing the area extensively, travelling in small groups and employing the best guides and expedition leaders available.” When you explore some of the most remote and wild parts of the world, safety is key. “If you don’t feel safe, you can’t open your senses and really experience this unique environment”, says Vera. “That’s why it’s our priority to excel as guides, and work exclusively with certified mountain guides and experienced nature photographers. We want our passengers to receive the most updated information about Arctic wildlife, flora, landscapes and climate change, so we also have researchers and biologists on board. Our clients will leave the Arctic with a deeper and more complex understanding of this remote part of the world.”

“We aim to offer the best expeditions in the business. It doesn’t matter what your level of experience is, we tailor our expeditions to the needs of everyone in the small group. And this resonates with our travellers, because we are proud to see them return. If you have a passion for the Arctic, you like going off the beaten track and you want to experience the environment undisturbed and up close, then Vega is your ultimate choice.”

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