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Marcel Schütz was born and raised in Switzerland and has always had a passion for nature,
landscapes and photography. He made his first acquaintance with the northern polar region in 2008,
when he went on a private excursion to Svalbard at the age of 18. The Arctic expanses and its wildlife
enchanted him so much that he travelled back to the far north four times until he finally emigrated
to Longyearbyen in 2010. For more than 15 years now, he looks back on an adventurous time, during
which he led many tours as an expedition leader and guide in tourism and research.
He is the owner of the company Svalbard Photography AS and in 2021, together with the Swiss
Ambassador to Norway and Iceland, Bernard Jaggy, he opened the Swiss Consulate in Longyearbyen
and is Honorary Consul there.

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