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Celina is a certified Arctic Nature Guide based in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, where she guides travellers either hiking, snowmobiling, out on boats or skiing over Svalbard’s beautiful glaciers.

Originally from Germany, Celina discovered her passion for nature guiding, wildlife and the Arctic in 2015 when she moved to Norway to study Arctic Adventure Tourism. She decided to stay and work for the local tour operators, and later she got another degree in Arctic Outdoor Life & Nature Guiding. Those studies included one year of training in Svalbard, a year that changed everything for her. “I moved to Longyearbyen and am so lucky to call this magical place home. I can’t wait to show travellers the beauty of this archipelago. It has endless opportunities for explorers!”

Celina has guided tours in different parts of the world, from the Arctic to the Antarctic and from Alaska to Scandinavia. When Celina is not at work, you can find her kayaking, travelling, climbing, or sailing with her friends. She also spends a lot of time scouting for wildlife with her binoculars, often on the lookout for her beloved whales!

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