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Introducing Celina

We are delighted to welcome Celina Fester to our team! Celina is a well-travelled and highly trained Arctic Nature guide. Stationed in Longyearbyen, she is possibly our biggest Svalbard fan! Her passion for the wild and her sporting aptitude make…

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Introducing Oscar

Oscar Westman was always at sea. As one of the founders of Vega, he comes from a seafaring family. His father, grandfather and great-grandfather were sailors, and he's been sailing for as long as he can remember. With history, nature…

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Introducing Vera

Vera Simonsson is one of the founders of Vega Expeditions. As a certified Arctic guide, glacier instructor and captain, she has led expeditions and trips worldwide. The perfect companion to navigate you safely through the pack ice! Vera spends most…

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Introducing Yves

Yves Adams is a passionate nature and Arctic guide and renowned photographer. Years of experience have brought him to a subtle understanding of Svalbard and the Arctic region. We are proud to have him aboard as a core team member!…

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