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Snowy owls in the high north

No other owl species seems more magical than the captivating snowy owl. Very rare in most parts of the northern hemisphere, this beautiful bird is easy to spot in the open and accessible plains of Ontario and Quebec. Are you ready for some action photography in an amazing setting? A once-in-a-lifetime experience for any dedicated bird photographer!

Trip information

Canadian snowy owls have become quite popular amongst birdwatchers and photographers. In recent years, the public spots have become very crowded. Yves collaborates with a snowy owl expert who provides exclusive access to some of the best areas. There will be nobody but our group and the owls on stage.

Because we travel in a very small group, we remain very flexible and ready to  find the best conditions for photography, at any given moment. Dressed warmly in our down parkas, hats, gloves and big snow boots, we spend hours close to the owls, as they give us a show we will never forget. After a long journey to the south, these birds visit the Canadian winter to hunt for voles and rodents in the open fields. Every owl has its unique features and can be photographed in different ways. Some can be approached within just a few meters, making those long lenses too big.

We visit various winter landscapes and photograph the owls in as many different situations as possible. Most commonly seen are the speckled younger and female birds, but adult male birds in their pure white plumage also make an appearance. In recent years, we also photographed several other species including great grey owls, northern hawk owl and boreal owl.

! This trip has an optional extension to Algonquin Provincial Park – not included in the price


Expedition Period


Start - End

Plains of Ontario and Québec

How Many days?

7 days


Easy, cold but comfortable


4850 euro

Professional guidance, booking fees, all local transport, all meals, all overnight stays, non-alcoholic drinks, guarantee fund.

Flight(s) to Montreal, alcoholic beverages, cancellation insurance, travel insurance, purchases of personal nature, gratuities.

Where are we going?

The trip starts and ends in Montreal airport.
After flying to Montreal, a bus drives us to our basecamp. Our cosy bed & breakfast is located about an hour and a half from the airport and close to the snowy owls. We might travel a larger distance if this guarantees better photographing conditions. Because we travel in a small group, we can move fast and adapt to circumstances.

The landscape and winter conditions are amazing. In one week we can expect all kinds of weather: sun, mist, blizzards. The snowy owls don’t mind, and all of these conditions are great for photography. White on white subjects are very appealing, and we use all our skills to bring out the beautiful cool tones in the pictures. Whatever the weather, we go out every day. It is the extremes of the landscape and climate that makes for the most impressive pictures.

Day to day

Flight to Montreal and transfer to our bed & breakfast.

We stay at a very cosy accommodation nearby, so we never lose time by traveling far.

Snowy owl photography with a session in the morning and one in the evening.

Getting up early each morning is key, so we can be ready before sunrise to photograph throughout the morning. We visit a warm place for lunch and go out again in the late afternoon, shooting until all the colors of twilight have faded in the evening sky.

For dinner, we visit a restaurant.

Transfer to the airport of Montreal and flight back home.


Yves Adams

Yves Adams

A celebrated wildlife and landscape photographer from Belgium, Yves is passionate about the Arctic. This passion has brought him to…

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